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"Atlantic City's wildest girl on girl show!"

At Atlantic City Strippers, we are constantly collaborating with our Atlantic City strippers to come up with new, innovative ways to ensure an amazing show and a memorable Atlantic City bachelor party stripper experience for you - our valued client. Each one of our hand selected strippers has her own special 'signature' talent guaranteed to captivate even her greatest skeptic!

"The hottest strippers in Atlantic City!"

One of the many things that separate Atlantic City Strippers bachelor party packages so greatly from the other bachelor party packages in Atlantic City, is how we train our Atlantic City strippers. We spend a great deal of time working with each and every female stripper, ensuring that she is competent and well trained in the art of entertainment. When training a new stripper, we make sure that she understands that the type of service Atlantic City Super Strippers provides is more than just a simple "lap dance" show. All of our party packages are fully interactive, allowing you and your guests to join in the fun!

When you book a bachelor party package with our Atlantic City bachelor party service, you're reserving so much more than simply a few (gorgeous) strippers - you're purchasing the peace of mind of knowing that we stand behind our "Super" Strippers. ACSS demands superiority from everyone within the company. From the brains running the daily operation to the boobs strippers that arrive at your door we promise you superb customer service. Even if it's for as short as an hour, during that time period you are in control, and we work hard to ensure that all of your wishes come true - we WANT your repeat business! 

Atlantic City Super Strippers follows an unbending philosophy: each private party is unique, and therefore, we must cater to every client in an individualistic manner. Go ahead, take a look at some of the all inclusive party packages we offer here in Atlantic City - you'll quickly see what make us so different from the rest!

"Atlantic City bachelor party experts!"

Our bachelor party service SPECIALIZES in providing Atlantic City with absolutely gorgeous, exceptionally talented strippers! We don't bother with the "fluff" that most other agencies use to entice clients. We know that our selection of female strippers speaks for itself.

We put our time, energy and resources into recruiting and training the most beautiful strippers available in any of the Atlantic City hotel circuit. So, if you are looking for the sexiest adult entertainment in AC, make a reservation with AC "Super" Strippers NOW!
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