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You don't only do bachelor parties, do you? Can I book strippers for another type of party?
Of course you can! Atlantic City Super Strippers provides strippers for every kind of party!

What makes you any different from the hundreds of other stripper and bachelor party sites?
That's simple. Our standards. Atlantic City Super Strippers hires only the best of the best. Only the most beautiful, intelligent, and vibrant strippers are accepted into our elite group of female exotic dancers.

What size party can I have?
Atlantic City Super Strippers are available for parties of three people or more.

How do I pay for the entertainment?
Payment is expected in full in cash only at time of the stripper's arrival.

Do I have to put down a deposit?
No, we do not require a deposit. We do however hold a credit card. As long as your party takes place, no charges will be made to your card. The only time your credit card would be charged is in the case of a cancellation. In the case of a cancellation, the following policy will be upheld: Cancellations received from the time of booking will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee, per entertainer. You will have 1 (one) year starting from the day of the cancellation to book another party (you can reserve girls in NY, NJ, or PA and receive a FULL CREDIT of your cancellation charges towards your new reservation. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITTEN FORM TO BE CONSIDERED VALID.

Can I book my bachelor party online?
Yes. Please click here to book your party online. After receiving your reservation, an Atlantic City Super Stripper representative will contact you to review and confirm the details of your booking.

What do I need to provide the strippers with upon their arrival?
Our strippers bring everything needed to put on an awesome show! The only things they'll need is a place to change (a bathroom is perfectly adequate) and the music you and your guests want to hear during the show.

How far in advance should I book my entertainment?
The further in advance you book, the better. Booking in advance gives you a better chance of getting your first choice of strippers. We do however take last minute reservations when scheduling permits.

Where can I have my party?
You can have your event anywhere in the New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia area! Popular choices are hotels, apartments, bars, nightclubs, or even limos/party buses. If you are planning an event in NY, please visit our NY stripper site: Bachelor Party Strips or if your party is in Philadelphia, please go to Philadelphia Super Strippers.

Do my guests and I have to tip the strippers?
It is customary to tip for good service. Please make sure that you have plenty of small bills to tip with throughout the show. 
Atlantic City FAQ

  • All guests must be over the age of 18.

  • Refund Policy: Once services are rendered -- there are no refunds - NO exceptions.

  • Absolutely NO cameras, videotaping or camera phones may be used during the show. If this policy is broken, Atlantic City Super Strippers reserves the right to end the show, and confiscate the film.

  • Our entertainers are there to perform for the enjoyment of you and your guests. If at any time their rights are violated, or if they are abused in any way (verbally, physically, or emotionally) Atlantic City Super Strippers reserves the right to end the show.

  • Our entertainers are exotic dancers. They are NOT escorts. If the entertainers are propositioned for any sexual services, the show will be terminated immediately. Prostitution is illegal and we do not condone it in any way!

  • We will do our best to provide the entertainers you chose. However, in the case of an unseen problem, we reserve the right to substitute your chosen entertainer with a similar one. 
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